Using Ansible for automating tasks on Checkpoint Firewall


This Blog post is to show how to use Ansible for Checkpoint Gateways. Checkpoint hasn’t published Ansible modules for their  products yet. This blog will show you how to use Ansible role “gaia_fw1” . Which can be found here .

Using this role you will be able to do the following : –

  • Take clish config back-ups ( show configuration )
  • Run essential show commands on all your gateways from single playbook. eg.
    • Show route
    • Show asset all
    • Show interfaces
    • Show ospf , etc…
  • Issue configure commands to all your gateways from single playbook.

This procedure assumes that you have some basic knowledge of ansible.


Ansible Server 

  • Linux server. The role has been tested with RHEL 7+ and Ubuntu, but it should work with other flavours as well.
  • Ansible 2.5 and above running on the Linux server.
  • The server should have direct connection to the checkpoint firewalls (at the…

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